# 12 JANUARY 2017
# 12 JANUARY 2017
Here we are. Ready to start new adventures, to look for new places to discover, to get new objectives. Ready to smile, because we like what we do very much. This is ottod’Ame. Always on the move, full of energy, enthusiasm and with expectations and hopes for the New Year 2017. Just to start, let’s have a look at the Spring Summer two thousand seventeen. We narrate a story, which takes place in an almost moonlike desert between skies caressing the rocks underneath and dust lifted by the wheels of a car running fast, lights and shadows of a journey that brings new awareness. We have grown up without losing the will of experimenting new things, walking along new and surprising paths. This is our strength, we never settle for what we are and we have no time –and above all no will- to get bored. It is a little bit like when you get back from a journey: there are those who leave the suitcase closed and have no idea where the next journey will lead, others –similarly to us- have no time to stop in their continuous search for new scents, places and emotions. An integral part of our being. This is Sal’otto #12 and much more.
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Gli altri numeri
1. 2 opposite rings for a space and time connection. Forever. The mystery of Celeste
“Have you ever been to the Tabernas desert, in-between Sierra de los Filabres northwards and Sierra de Alhamilla at south-south-east?” She told me she did not know the area. “Then continue on that land line, the plastic conservatives -dressing and wrapping the terrains with the reflections of a pseudo scenery- remain downstream, towards the sea. You have to reach the isolated gas station and enter the first gate on the left. It opens up towards the desert, in front of you the endless infinite of the Coto Las Lomillas.” There you’ll find your sisters, whose stand for faithful love, loyalty, life like it is…” She roared with laughter, loud, then louder than before. “Take your path and never stop. The journey will surprise you.”
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2 opposite rings for a space and time connection. Forever.
The ottod’Ame Spring Summer 2017 is made up of special moments, happiness, small and big pleasures, and tears of joy. Dreamed adventures, fulfilled wishes, firm and winding steps, memories of long and lazy days, which were –and still are- prelude to those sparkling nights you cannot forget. This Spring Summer has the power to surprise, it is fascinating like a wildflower that unconsciously knows which is the right moment to blossom giving its magic away. A season that cannot be tamed, as wild as the jungle with its thick branches, but as sinuous and elegant as walking leopards. ottod’Ame’s journey goes on: ironic and romantic, passionate rebellion blowing in the wind with the charming pleasure of lightweight, vulnerable gracefulness. Like cactus flowers’ petals -so precious and faint- but at the same time much determined to show off to everybody and to light up moon-like deserts with colors. Strong and delicate, audacious and quiet, simply unique. Like ottod’Ame is.
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Sometimes it is not a matter of choosing a place, sometimes it is the place that chooses you, by allowing to get nearer. It is because you are curious and your gaze keeps on pointing to the sky. For the Spring Summer 2017 ottod’Ame has chosen a desert. Someone would consider it a rather odd choice. However, the infinite spaces, the raw and rough rocks, the abandoned villages and the remains of old movie sets turned out to perfectly balance the mood and concept of this new collection. Far away, from everyone and everything, amid the infinite symbols perpetually drawn by an old Ford, palm trees burned in the sun and walls narrating stories of infinite duels and galloping horses. The ottod’Ame collection takes life in the form of a woman that is not afraid of anything, not even to acknowledge and confess her vulnerability. This is the first step of an almost ancestral research striving for a lightness that is first abandoning the burdens that we often insist in uselessly dragging, like the suitcase we don’t even remember what is holding, but that we inevitably keep on carry with us. Instead, go! Along roads to trace, off the beaten and broken paths. Free from constrictions, from fake smiles and ignored expectations.
A plunge in a pool that turns in an oasis, muffling sounds and feelings. Every day is full of promises in the desert. A brief glance back, a foot on the accelerator pedal: the journey seems about to get to an end. No matter what, it has just begun.
The ideal day of the ottod’Ame woman. The Fall Winter 17 is a daylong collection. She wakes up softly and is ready to immerse herself in her white coffee. Then lunch, where formal and casual manners are the imperceptible shades of one feeling. Afternoon is made of little talk and secrets, drinking a tea, caressing your cat to reach rapidly the late afternoon, so full of rich promises: clinking glasses while planning the night out.
Another cocktail –only one more, I swear! - Then dinner just before the party where –with the right outfit studied in detail- you hope to lock eyes with the person that tickles your fancy. Onwards, in the mist of the hours between night and day for a wild after party or for that moment when you only wish to be on your own. It is a new day. It is new, every day. The ottod’Ame Fall Winter 2017 plays with lengths. Coats reach the feet to cover the flowing dresses, while pants become wider and even more feminine. Old style turns upside-down: underwear is to show off -satin and lace petticoats, sensual bodysuits, over-the-knee socks and extra soft, openwork stockings, as well as nipped-in tie front bodices with playful ruffles, or basic ones with knit band.- Velvet and chenille fabrics are undisputed protagonists of the next season that absolutely loves contrasts. Shiny and matte effects, silver and gold, sequins and sporty garments, mink eco-fur and pure silk. Fabrics used for covering armchairs and sofas find new life on miniskirts for a super sexy and ironic bon ton style. The unmistakable and unique ottod’Ame style is increasingly recognizable. Embroideries, personalization of embellishments and prints: the distinctive style of the brand. A soft and energetic Fall Winter, in the tones of pomegranate, toffee and tobacco color. ottod’Ame with you, all day long.
5. FOR THE WOMEN, WITH THE WOMEN ottod’Ame and Corri La Vita
It is a matter of fact; ottod’Ame is a brand that talks to women, about women. A team where pink color predominates, characterized by a special and unique sensitivity, particularly for the projects linked to the territory and driven by the desire to help others. A delicate but determined attention that in ottod’Ame history has always resulted in practical actions. In 2016, the brand chose to support the project named “Corri La Vita”. This special event -intended to raise funds and fostered by Bona Frescobaldi- first originated in October 2003, driven by an idea of Natalie Rucellai and Neri Torrigiani, to give a contribution for the realization and qualification of Florence public health facilities specialized in the cure for the breast cancer disease. A race within Florence and for Florence’s sake. A cultural and sport event, but mainly a moment of social engagement. A unique occasion to combine fun and awareness of a reality that characterizes our everyday.
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6. ottod’Ame Film Award is born! ART AND THE BIG SCREEN
ottod’Ame Film Award is born!
The partnership between ottod’Ame and Lo Schermo dell’Arte –an international project that explores and promotes relations between contemporary art and cinema through the presentation of movies and installations, workshops, training projects and residency programs for artists- grows stronger. ottod’Ame fostered the ninth edition of the festival –which is part of a wide scale cultural project- as main sponsor. It also newly created the ottod’Ame Film Award: a concrete action aimed to reward one of the artists taking part in Feature Expanded –an original training program established by Lo Schermo dell’Arte and HOME Manchester to promote the work of artists that wish to make their first feature film.- Saturday, 19 November our Silvia Mazzoli –fashion designer and beating heart of ottod’Ame- awarded the ottod'Ame Film Award to the project Word Count of Kasia Fudakowski –Londoner visual artist that criticizes social structures by means of humor-, who proposed an idea that impressed the jury with its hilarity, originality and intellect. This idea –with the support of the brand- may become a reality thanks to the artist that will get the award in 2017. ottod’Ame –one more time- shares its values through concrete actions for the sake of projects that leave a mark and derive from encounters, synergies and the will of spreading culture.
C’mon ladies and gentlemen! We’re not all gone, September, 20 the ottod’Ame store in Milan turned in CIRCOTTO, an ideal circus tent that hosted a funny, ironic, special night. The glam occasion was the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Milan, an event for the fashion lovers and the insiders in the fashion industry that all poured out in the streets and amid the shop windows of the shopping streets. The space in via Manzoni was filled with popcorn smell, the same we enjoyed in openmouthed astonishment when our parents used to accompany us to see exotic animals and tightrope walkers. A lot of drinks, colorful straws and maxi molds to take the shape of a lion or a tamer, sinuous contortionists or super strong men. In the background, the music of the DJ Shener. An event that left a mark -seducing and funny- in the authentic ottod’Ame style.
Year 2016 has been a period of major achievements and growth for ottod’Ame. A success story acknowledged by print media too with pages, double pages, formats and special issues. Year 2017 will not fall behind expectations! With particular attention to social and web campaigns, studied and concerted supports and messages to build and strengthen presence and visibility. Must newspapers for the fashion addicted –because they love style or they are part of the magic world centered on the fashion industry-, will be obviously confirmed for year 2017. A focused and effective media plan to confirm the presence of the brand on daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, and to get an important media pressure. Social media will have a strong weight, mainly taking into account the excellent results in terms of brand awareness that year by year are strengthening a real engagement, as genuine as all the bonds that ottod’Ame creates and establishes.