Redefine Yourself is the project that ottod'Ame is launching on the occasion of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Day.


For the second year running, ottod'Ame joins INSIEME IN ROSA ONLUS, an association committed to supporting projects dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people with oncological diseases.


To give voice to the issue, ottod'Ame is developing an intense and at the same time delicate awareness campaign: five mini interviews with an informative and inspirational purpose. Each content will feature an oncologist, a sexologist, a yoga teacher and a make-up artist - who will develop a topic related to their sphere of work - and, finally, a video dedicated to the testimony of a woman who tackled the disease.

 Barbara Belardi
Barbara Belardi's testimony tells us what it is like to receive an oncological diagnosis and how she faced this intense period of her life, how her body changed, and her rebirth.

Giulia Viale
Giulia Viale is a Medical Oncologist at the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan who describes how small gestures can potentially help keep breast cancer under control and prevent it, explaining that prevention should be a fundamental habit in everyday life.

Francesca Calligaro
Francesca Calligaro is a sexologist and deals with sexual well-being for all women, especially those who are going through or have gone through a cancer treatment. She illustrates how to take care of one's psycho-physical and sexual well-being even in such an intense period as one goes through during and after illness.

Roberta Scagnolari
Roberta Scagnolari is a make-up artist and beauty oncologist coach who has been working with women undergoing cancer treatment for years, helping them to take care of themselves and enhance their beauty by always treating themselves, especially during delicate moments in their lives.

Ilaria Tarallo
Ilaria Tarallo is a professional yoga instructor who teaches us some practical exercises that can be done at any time, which can help us stay focused and master our emotions, thus allowing a constant relationship between our mind and body.

For the Redefine Yourself project, ottod'Ame has created a scarf in pure silk Limited Edition: this accessory is intended to convey concepts of uniqueness and acceptance, generating confidence in the wearer and representing a flag bearer of these values.
The proceeds will be entirely donated to support the activities of INSIEME IN ROSA ONLUS; the scarf is available from 19th October at our flagship stores, on our online shop and at multi-brand retailers.


This scarf is an act of kindness that you can reciprocate by becoming a supporter of INSIEME IN ROSA ONLUS with a donation to 

IT 25 Q 08851 72210 000 000 206 473



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