Salotto #16 January 2019
Salotto #16 January 2019
A travelling bag on the bed, two clothes, three books and a deck of cards. Obviously there by mistake would say the one that does not know anything about our journeys. Sometimes, the sense of measuring is lacking, however, making ends meet is not a priority of the trip. A deep breath when closing the bag and putting on the jacket. It is so alike the one our fathers used to wear, but with our perfume. Authentic, as the time that witnesses us growing, unique like the skin wrapping us up.
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Gli altri numeri
A golden eagle above the sea. And the sun. The infinite promises of getaways I recounted myself. Harmonies of thoughts looking for dissonant accords rattled off like when saying the Rosary. I would like to sleep a little bit while the wind blows away bubbles full of emotions. I get lost in the deepness of my dream, running after you. I climb up and let myself go, beyond that black beach surfing on it. You are my love. I look deep into your eyes when I say it, faded beyond the window from which I peek at the world all around and behind me. Upside down in the belief that a heart filled with love allows being free of running in the weirdest thoughts. I look at them flying fast like these bubbles that continuously change shape passing through my body and eyes.
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A woman that chooses to be somehow frivolous, but without losing her insight, confident in the many facets of her character and positive, even in her frailty. Here is the otto’Ame woman of the SS 2019 collection. An aesthetics that strives to find the perfect balance between cheerfulness and elegance, succeeding in catching attention with its fancy patterns. A paramount aspect and distinctive feature of the brand. Simply irresistible: the Pop-eyes fancy, long eyelashes and eyes looking into yourself, romantic contortionists admiring the spectators pushed by curiosity, but not only. Lightweight and fresh paisley patterns; full of spirit fancies with an African taste narrating of faraway lands; funny and pop small bananas in the Warhole style; and finally yet importantly, the dreamlike and happy Lilybeth fancy.
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ottod’Ame has been following and admiring the works of art by Frida for a long time. She has been able to describe and recount through her illustrations a woman who is passionate about fashion expressing herself by means of what she wears, choosing to be different. To see and be seen. To feel and be felt. To leave a mark and decide her own path. For this reason, the women drawn by Frida choose to wear ottod’Ame, by virtue of their similar sensitivity in discerning and imagining our world. Two T-shirts and one sweatshirt, three evocative and wonderfully twisted illustrations narrate the capsule collection with a delicate accuracy. Curious contortionists watching those looking at them, where balance and carelessness encounter a glimmer reminding of dawn and earth. Flesh colored nuances-warm and round-evoke softness and a game of polka dots. Daydreamers is intended to celebrate feminine passion and choose to collaborate with The Circle Italia Onlus, a network supporting the rights and value of women all around the world. A concrete project, led by heart and speaking the language of ottod’Ame: always at the women’s side.
The ottod’Ame world lives for fashion and breathes art. It nourishes of feelings, flairs, creativity and passion. It chooses to dedicate to what can surprise, move and narrate. This is the mission of Daydreamers, the capsule collection by ottod’Ame for the SS19 in collaboration with Frida Wannerberger.
The Fall Winter 2019 by ottod’Ame is warm, embracing and happy. Yes, indeed, because irony and carelessness are in our DNA. It is no coincidence that Mafalda is the star of the collection: curious, acute, rebellious girl with a bag full of questions that do not find answer, not always. Unique fancies confirm as distinctive and essential feature with elements that blink an eye to fortune showing maneki neko that play burning with curiosity. They remind of the posters of the kabuki theatre, which inspire to landscapes taking shape thanks to soft and essential lines.
Roundness of lines becomes the distinctive trait of a passionate collection, warm in both content and fabrics. 90s are back, bringing along a strong essentiality. Neon colors are more glamorous than ever: jackets, blouses, shirts and dresses, which achieve utmost femininity and are to melt with masculine-cut trousers. Moreover, rhinestones, feathers, sequins are the interpretation of luxury in the most authentic ottod’Ame style. A wide range of outerwear: from the short, slim jacket, to double-breasted and male jackets, as well as robe- and cocoon coats. Fur coats become camouflage: you can caress them in the not worsted version. Boiled wool becomes canvas for the jacquard with writings and numbers and reach the feet on embracing pieces of garments. Pants are more and more important in structured outfit characterized by velvets, technical fabrics, lurex and flowing textiles for slim or loose-fit cuts. Leather is eco, solid colored or with a lizard effect, two-color quilted jackets show off in the long and short versions. Red and green triumph in their infinite color nuances. Velvet lace, envers satin and macramé add preciousness, since femininity also depend on details. Many accessories: foulards-more appreciated than ever-scarves, belts, eco-leather and faux-fur gloves and socks, the must-have detail of the season. This collection has many stories to tell. Here is the ottod’Ame Fall Winter 2019.
“If you love someone bring them to Verona, since this is the city of love.” Enchanting streets to discover in their very details, eyes looking around. Roads here are the ideal place to walk cheerful, head in the clouds and heart elsewhere. The ottod’Ame woman loves to walk along these streets, following her feelings and passions. A lightweight air in Verona, where to lose yourself and breathe deeply. Verona is the city of elegance, culture and emotions. Verona, city of dreams that become reality for ottod’Ame.
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6. OTTOD’AME WITH THE CIRCLE For the women, with the women, of the women.
ottod’Ame has always looked after and been inspired by the feminine world tracing its outlines and imagining its infinite paths. The ottod’Ame woman likes to travel, dream, moreover she is ironic and modern. Above all, she loves herself, her being a woman and truly believe in the full potential of all women. Committing in projects important to her, striving towards her main objectives. A woman supporting herself and other women, strongly. The strength that a group of women only can show, a universe made of emotions, ideas and feelings. Unusual, simply outstanding. A concentrate of energy and potential. ottod’Ame lives within this world. Inhabiting space and time by discovering, day after day, new creations and possible worlds. Like the choice that brought to collaborate with The Circle Italia Onlus, the network founded by Annie Lennox: women for the women’s sake. The Circle is a group of women promoting-by means of their own competencies and resources-projects in favor of women living in condition of difficulty, supporting their rights, value and improvement. This is possible by promoting access to resources, as for example land, education and credit, in Italy and all around the world. ottod’Ame listens to its heart and decides to cooperate in this important project to support feminine energy and strength by donating part of the proceeds realized on the sale of the Daydreamers capsule collection developed in collaboration with Frida Wannerberger. A capsule for the women, with the women, of the women. A marriage between art and fashion that turns into social commitment. This is the ottod’Ame universe. This is its authentic soul.
7. EYES ON EYES, HEART ON PITTI. Eight of January two thousand and nineteen.
Pitti calls and ottod’Ame answers. With its unique, alluring and jovial style. Eyes on eyes, deep and pleasant, captivating and enchanting. ottod’Ame chooses one of the most ironic and elegant fancy of the collection to present the new Spring Summer 2019 making it the undisputed protagonist. Long eyelashes and eyes that can look inside yourself. Eyes everywhere, to see and let be seen. Eyes on eyes! The cocktail party and DJ set by Ghiaccioli and Branzini delight the event. Smiles, photos, encounters and a window on the world of the new season by ottod’Ame. You cannot forget eyes like that.
8. I LIKE IT, YOU SHARE IT! A pen in your hand and a white page, we are ready for year 2019 to come.
We begin this way, with a short list of good intentions and some secret dreams to fulfil. First, our dear printed press. Weekly and monthly magazines of our heart, which have witnessed our growth and we have seen-in turn-their changes. Always there, among the pages that have accompanied ottod’Ame year by year remembering how wonderful is taking time to read, think and observe closely. Second, the web. Where much is to see and discover, yet. An increasing number of women chose ottod’Ame representing the brand they feel better express themselves. On social networks, we can see them all, peep at their outfit and matchings, read their stories and wishes. Moreover, the advertising campaign, where two subjects narrate-whispering-the ottod’Ame soul, made of magic and deep instants, like they were fleeting moments, nonetheless eternal. Our secret dream for the upcoming season? Making every single moment unique and unforgettable.