Salotto #14 January 2018
Salotto #14 January 2018
Ink stains and snapshots on white pages. One year is over and a new one is yet to come, another notebook to fill capturing impressions from a trip that has given us strength and awareness. ottod’Ame never stops, our endless curiosity and energy drive us towards an elsewhere with no borders, at the discovery of new places, cultures, tastes, languages and landscapes. They are source of inspiration and nourishment of the eyes and heart. We let you in our Spring Summer Two Thousand Eighteen.
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Gli altri numeri
She strived for elsewhere. This was her idea of traveling: a continuous change of horizons. Physical, mental, real and abstract ones: from imagination to the road. Her ability to imagine new and possible worlds was nothing but admirable. She could create connections on the base of a particular concealed between the lines of an unexpected encounter or the words eavesdropped while resting on a bench. Cate was fa fascinated by acts and opinions.
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2. SPRING SUMMER 2018 Fragments. Of road, of dream, of life.
The ottod’Ame Spring Summer 2018 collection takes us in five different corners of the world for a journey that is a continuum, a daydream, like when we let our finger hanging in the air on a globe dreaming about where next. A Spring Summer that invites us following the footprints in the light-colored sand, shadows cast on colorful walls, echoes of voices and music sounding amid the walls of an ancient palace.
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3. ANOTHER TOKEN, ANOTHER RIDE The ottod’Ame Spring Summer at the Milan Fashion Week
Fashion showed off its most ironic, colorful and funny side, simply mirroring the brand’s vision. Strobe lights, music and laughter full of surprise for the big bumper cars, theatre –for one day- of a performance event dedicated to the ottod’Ame Spring Summer 2018. Bright and colorful neon lights, happiness and an out-of-ordinary atmosphere for the fashion week in the city: a breath of fresh air. Small bottles of champagne you could taste with a straw to upside-down the role-play: adults playing at being children. Twelve models –obviously wearing an ottod’Ame total outfit- walked down the track before the amazed gazes of the insiders of the world of fashion to get on track and play, bounce and bump into others’ vehicles. A metaphoric journey for a collection talking about trips, but an occasion to turn back to childhood, when a carousel ride was the greatest amusement. The ottod’Ame soul emerges, one more time, with its innovative and playful character in a unique event playing with the imaginary and imagination. Another token, another ride. Valid for a journey to the infinite.
Fragments that run and flow, stop and start, encounter and crash until the time is over. 20th September, on occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the courtyard of the Fabbrica del Vapore (an old steam factory) in Milan was filled with the ottod’Ame soul.
4. FALL WINTER 2018 MaDonne a folk soul and a rock voice for timeless women
FALL WINTER 2018 MaDonne
Strong, independent, alluring. They are creative, determined and show an Avant-guard sensitivity. They are the protagonists of the ottod’Ame Fall Winter: very nuanced, like colors on a palette. No saints, princesses, frivolous lady companions: this collection is specially designed for the contemporary, ironic, curious woman who has no need to fill silence with useless words, but is looking for –and finds, whenever she wants- the way to take time out and seek, look, discover.
ottod’Ame portraits her as a queen showing off the geometries of precious carpets on the pure tones of caramel, gold, black and Masai red, where tassels are protagonists on prints with refined trimmings in the regular and macro versions. Geometric shapes come back in the diamond, herringbone and regimental patterns: the fresh ottod’Ame interpretation. The woman of this Fall Winter collection is an enlightened queen and undisputed sovereign. Small naïve tigers come and subvert the order of things disclosing their wild, but delicate and attentive soul, like the ottod’Ame heart. In fact, the brand chooses faux fur only, cruel free, warm and eye-catching. Earth colors leave place to nuanced and cold hues in the folk color variation of the season together with big flowers sketched with a pencil, which lightly lie on fabrics, and horses’ shapes emerging from basic “childish” lines bringing the ease of known and familiar drawings. Evenings in intimacy are a warm embrace where to lose yourself; here feeling good can be given for granted. Colors are soft: pink is present in its many shades and tones of flesh color, ultramarine brightens up reassuring landscapes of houses. Self-awareness and energy exploding in fluorescent colors and petrol blue backgrounds, where women recalling the traits of the portraits by Matisse and the curves of Botero are twirling. A fancy “outside the box” combining irony and elegance, like ottod’Ame. Pastel colors and many little dinosaurs drawn in a child style will bring a smile and carefreeness. In both heart and soul, in perfect ottod’Ame style.
Everybody is mad about Pitti! In this period of the year, Florence is in sight of the whole world. Roads are full of fashion lovers showing off inspired and weird outfits. It’s when you literally eat, live and breathe glamour. As usual, ottod’Ame breaks with the soul of the place! No static atmospheres, private parties, dress code.
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We already revealed in advance that something amazing and special was going on in the ottod’Ame world. We also disclosed that we live, breathe and nourish of music, always. In the working hours, when we move from one place to another, before getting up in the morning: there is always a song speaking about and on behalf of us. It supports, drives, cuddles and inspires us. We can finally say it loud: ottod’Ame becomes music! With the birth of ottod’Ame SOUND, a special label, a unique project designed by professionals in the music sector together with music lovers: no matter if electronic, jazz, rock or pop music. In our stores in Florence, Milan and Lucca you can find a vinyl –yes, we are fond of vinyls, because of their magic-. It’s a 45 rpm of Amycanbe, a band we feel particularly attached to. The music of Francesca Amati, Mattia Matta Dalara, Mattia Mercuriali and Marco Trinchillo gives sound to this jewel made up of three tracks, among them –of course- The Breeze and Come Out and Play, the pieces the band exclusively composed for the ottod’Ame fashion movies. The first record within the frame of a project very near and dear to our heart, which we would like to move further and further. What do you think? Does it sound good?
7. Silence, please! ottod’Ame and Lo Schermo dell’Arte
Five days, 26 movies and documentaries, 70 international guests, workshops and an exhibition with the works of 20 artists. This is the Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival in its 10th edition in 2017. 10 years of appointments with an eye set on the future. An extraordinary event gathering in Florence many artists, directors, curators, producers and managers of institutions operating in the field of moving images. They give shape to the dialogue between art and cinema. ottod’Ame advocates the project with the devotion of the one who could never renounce to the magic, intensity, emotion only the movie theatre can give. In the new location of the Cinema La Compagnia we experienced touching shows, installations, documentaries. The leading theme of the last edition was undoubtedly interesting: social utility of the art and the outlook of the artists on important current topics: freedom of expression, emigration, politics and the relation art-man-nature. Music could not miss, with the moving performance of Hassan Khan, Silver Lion at the last Venice Biennale. These are the projects we are proud to take part in, this is the city we love and live, this is our soul. Action!
Silence, please!
8. Paper & Social the mediaplan
Paper & Social
One thing for sure: the ottod’Ame advertising campaigns never go unnoticed. This is particularly true for the pages dedicated to the Spring Summer 2018. The subjects collected enthusiastic reviews! Print media special issues, single pages, weekly and monthly magazines chose to dress ottod’Ame. On the web, we are present on important pages dealing with fashion, which glam lovers like, read and even study. Moreover, we designed tailor made ads aiming to increase the presence and visibility of the brand on the national and international level. However, this is not enough for us. We want to be in the eyes and mind of everybody! This is why we invest in the presence on social networks, since they are increasingly part of our daily lives and a means to tighten up the link with the people that already know, follow and love the brand and to let others discover and be charmed by the ottod’Ame world.