Salotto #15 June 2018
Salotto #15 June 2018
Summer: we waited long, yearned for, almost run after it, and finally, here we are. Our windows open, the gaze stretches the visible and we feel like running, dancing and singing. This is the new collection’s effect! This Sal’otto #15 meets out lightweight and free soul, we are more ironic and rocker than ever. Should we thank the MaDonnas, the protagonists of the Spring Summer 2018 or rather the alluring atmosphere of Paris, which with its rooftops and sewers welcomed our Fall Winter 2018 collection? Who knows?!
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Gli altri numeri
1. In 8 octaves. The transcendental intimate ballads of Charlotte
She answered the phone, by chance. She was so unenthusiastic from the first day she arrived here. She did it randomly, out of boredom. She loved to arrive home and lay immediately on the floor. The shoulders resting on the worn out and smooth wooden floor, where she could find a point of contact with the world. She rearranged her thoughts. She left her busy day out. Moreover, she breathed. It was not so simple to find a connection with the intimate self. However, Charlotte could find it this way. Laying on the floor, she could see the multifaceted face of her soul and suddenly her senses were at peace with the world. In a backlight condition, she shortened the distances with her suspensions of will. Eyes open, and then closed, again and again, at a quiet and sensual pace. Like suspended in the air she began twirling, slowly fading among things. She took the rhythm of her inner voice, a sound that used to accompany her all day long: offbeat, jazzy, rocking. Notes came out of her mind like a continuous flow of thoughts. Charlotte was singing, for herself and for everyone else. Her body moved around in circles of magic showing off shades of funky. She raised her eyes towards the sky looking for the rainbow she could find in yours. She looked all around seeing the collapse of the world of those who strive to be, but are not.
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In 8 octaves.
2. FALL WINTER 2018 Where do dreams hide?
Lightweight, wrapping, alluring, intense, clear, the voice characterized at times by a high-pitched and others by a low-pitched timbre. Many voices in unison narrate the Fall Winter 2018 by ottod’Ame, which talks to the contemporary and multifaceted woman inspired by extraordinary feminine characters, MaDonnas: forerunners of their and our times. Each one of them adds a new shade to the palette of this season, with the warm hues of caramel, gold and Masai red mixed up with damask fabrics, gobelin and jacquard, between geometries typical of the renaissance and transparencies in georgette crepe.
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3. MILAN DESIGN WEEK Femininity is a red thread.
A melting pot of experiences marked by innovation, a creative phenomenon that ottod’Ame has joined too, becoming point of interest of this last edition of Fuorisalone. From 17 to 22 April, in the via Manzoni store, you can enjoy WOMEN PORTRAITS, the works of art by Loredana Giulioli. They are feminine portraits embroidered on canvas, cultured women in a particular moment of their lives and right before answering the question: “Would you like talking about it?” The thread outlines gazes and expressions as if they were narrating thousand stories; color is a detail in their hair or rather an original fabric headwear, something to put on to tell about yourself, expressing freely. The artist from Milan uses the free motion embroidery technique getting a free hand drawing, but realized with the sewing machine. Here, fashion and arts encounter and intertwine to celebrate the spirit of the Design Week, and to explore in depth and with passion the feminine world, finding new paths, like ottod’Ame always do.
Garages turned into art galleries, courtyards becoming concept-stores, former factories transformed into exhibition spaces: there is a time during the year, when Milan is full of surprises. Satisfy your curiosity and discover extraordinary things to see, feel, and touch: this is the Design Week period, the week during which Milan welcomes the dialogue between the world of art, design, graphics, craftsmanship, technology.
4. SPRING SUMMER 2019 SOUL WHISPERS. I’ll be the light in
The ottod’Ame Spring Summer 2019 is made of intense gazes that resonate in the heart and soul. Colors explore the thickest palette, discovering the most delicate nuances: white, black, cherry, cedar, paprika, shellac, garden and kiwi for the green; powder, turmeric, acid, indigo, mandarin orange, earth for the pink –in its infinite nuances-, nut, papaya, vanilla and touches of violet.
Fancy patterns cannot miss: this is the must and distinctive sign of ottod’Ame. Personalization is a style detail becoming texture and pattern repeated to infinity. From enquiring eyes talking with a wink in the most intense color nuances to geometric elements recalling bandanas, and traits designing essential hearts. Flowers and stylized lilies, as if they were water-colored, and leaves become magnetic and alluring elements. Tribal pieces compose an ideal scene of an African village by portraying atmospheres of the Dark Continent, while bananas reminding of Warhol and stencils with an oriental taste lead us to the tropics. The silhouette remains unchanged, defined. Pants become more fitting in their carrot and cigarette cuts, without leaving the palazzo and flared pants aside, for an authentic seventies touch. New entries as for the shoes: the personalized Texan boots. K-ways become colorful and embroidered, while accessories and leather pieces shine with silver. The bike jacket is white, more summery than ever. Scarves in their bandana o sarong versions, while socks are the unmissable accessory again, to wear in sight, always. The focused denim fabric in its many versions: basic, garment-dyed and flowing for the blouses and dresses. Moreover, here are glitter, studs, prints and animalier details. The vanilla denims show off a style detail: the nut topstitch. The cotton fabrics appear along viscose and crepe textiles. Many jackets, trustworthy companions for the fresh summer evenings, and for glam touch in your everyday. A strong, intense Spring Summer, which cannot go unnoticed. We are ready to live it, together with ottod’Ame.
5. MILAN NEW OPENING ottod’Ame in the heart of Brera
Sunglasses, a trench coat and you are ready to go in the spring breeze, crossing gazes and impressions, your hands ready on the smartphone’s camera, shopper bag, backpack full of flyers, posters and gadgets. Pilgrims of the Design Week walk along the roads of the Brera District –one of the most popular and lively district of the FuoriSalone- proceeding towards a new destination: via Solferino 1.
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When you choose one you look for affinity, because you walk with them every day, hand in hand, arm in arm, giving them custody of what is most precious to you. Each one has its own personality, some may adapt to situations, while others are more “snob”. They are unique pieces, which are difficult to combine, but perfect companions on your special evenings. However, we all have our favorite one, the one we cannot renounce to, since it made us feel beautiful, confident and at ease. We are talking about bags, confidants of life, the feminine accessory par excellence. The ottod’Ame Fall Winter 2018 collection celebrates bags more than ever, showing off original and customizable pieces. For example, the MYDAME bag, with its irresistible round shape, you can wear at waist like a bum bag for you special casual outfits, or with a long gold chain to get an elegant mini bag or in combination with a ring handle for a clutch bag and a très-chic style. The ring handle is the key accessorize ottod’Ame introduces for the LEG’AME bags too. Rectangular shape and zip closure, to wear doubled combining different colors and fancies. A Fall Winter of endless possibilities, the right time to have fun recreating your style and playing with details in the authentic spirit by ottod’Ame.
Summer is coming, the desire for sun on the skin and dresses without constraints striving for freshness and lightweight moments. Days are longer, after work you can enjoy little talks on the door, or a drink in the main square of the city while music resounds in the warm air. It’s time to move, to enjoy outdoor activities in contact with nature. The irresistible charm of the SOUTH is back, the allure of dazzling white, the laundry hanging and moved by the wind, the green colored Mediterranean scrub, the blue sea. You can breathe this atmosphere in the ottod’Ame stores in Lucca and Florence. Two special occasions dedicated to summer, to the South as last stop of the journey at the discovery of the Spring Summer 2018. A season to discover, and taste as the delicious ottod’Ame breakfasts with juices and detox extracts, fresh beverages and tasty sweets. Sips and bites of summer, to charge batteries, to refresh both body and mind taking time to be comfortable with yourself. Time to slow down dreaming about new trips or reminding past journeys. However, without melancholy, because ottod’Ame looks at the future with a carefree and joyful attitude, making the fabrics shine of fragments of dreams “on the road”.
A little bit of paper, since the pleasure and delight of turning the pages of a newspaper or a magazine is always unrivalled. Web media presence, since beauty is to be shared and the ottod’Ame advertising campaigns are simply unique. Two subjects for the communication to the public, two moments linked by a red, visible and tangible thread: the ottod’Ame extreme feminine character and its rock soul. On print media, special issues, single pages describing the decisive moments of the seasonal collections. Sheets on the web are more similar to the brand; they are read every day, glanced during a break as point of reference for the one who feels like fashion. Moreover, social media –for sure- since we like the idea of talking to you directly, as if chatting with friends, in a dialogue with whom loves, follows and has the desire to discover us by entering our world. ottod’Ame likes you!