# 10 Aprile 2016
 # 10 Aprile 2016
Will we once and for all understand which side things are falling? We'd love to! Sometimes it even becomes a common desire, mainly when we are in the flow of events that involve us completely because of their unpredictability and impetuosity. Nothing could be so equally like and unlike the ottod'Ame universe. Actually, we cannot foresee and organize every single detail of our lives. But, for sure, we can glimpse or see many things from afar. To then get them nearer and obtain what we want, caressing, cuddling and caring for that we have obtained. For what it is and for what it will be one day: a happy 5 years old creature with the fresh and lively energy of a source of water: slender and resolute at the top of the mountain, wide but rich in the valley.
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Gli altri numeri
1. THE COLOSSUS OF RODYA One day in the open, light air.
– What a discovery! These are the same old stories, said Rodya to Marquez, her four-legged guardian angel. The newspaper on the wall of the small square right outside the house put special emphasis on the finding of the ring. The day was starting this way, after a breakfast with croissant filled with seaweeds and honey and an infusion of seasonal flowers. Marquez was well aware that reading the titles' large letters of those papers was a magic moment for Rodya and since haste makes waste he didn't want to distract her with his dog needs. So he sat down on his hind legs following Rodya's gaze and scrolling the lines together to then slightly move his head down arching his ears to control the gap between them and the baker's cat that -seemingly indifferent to everything- always walked nearby. Time went by so slowly in the mornings between the updating on news for Rodya and the mapping of the neighborhood for Marquez. As usual, that day they walked together till the Balenarium, where Rodya finally stepped in her habitat. It was 9:36 am and, as always, she was a little bit late for work. But that day Marquez was particularly surprised by the tone Santelma, the Director, used with Rodya by asking to tell her immediately the latest news about any progress in the search of the ring.
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2. THE CRETTO OF BURRI Streets like strings of memories
It is not so clear yet if it were emotionally more involving a bird's-eye view of a landscape or a “from inside” view of it. But here in Gibellina Vecchia there's a different matter. The landscape is neither a natural scenery, nor a built environment. The Cretto realized here by Burri – by bringing one of the matters very dear to him to its extreme consequences- is a successful example of combination between culture and nature. Nonetheless the tag “land art” cannot extensively describe the artwork. Some people simply call it “funeral monument” due to the place where it was built -the old city of Gibellina which was completely destroyed in the earthquake of Belice in 1968-. But this is not the question. Walking through the tight grid of alleys amid those irregular cracks of clay, so soaked in time and surrounding landscape that they now seem a granite or papier-mâché cake sliced by big fingers, where the only creatures you can meet are the nomad clandestine herbs that grow in the cracks really leave you breathless.
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3. IF THEY'RE SON'OTTO THEY WILL BOOM! Eight collection and a special project to celebrate.
Ottod'Ame celebrated its eighth collection with son'Otto a special box full of exclusive contents: > a vinyl 12'' with eight tracks composed for the fashion movies from the SS2012 to the FW2015 collection; > a 56 pages book with eight original stories interpreted by eight women. Eight unconventional characters that live in a mixture of dystopia, irony and magic. > a CD with the eight sound clips in the digital version; > a DVD with the fashion movies of the first eight ottod'Ame collections and many new films that recount ottod'Ame recent history. And if besides this precious object – a limited edition of 300 pieces- we add the opening ceremony of the new ottod'Ame headquarters we're ready to party!
But the music -essential component of ottod'Ame soul- doesn't stop. Actually for the fashion movie SS2016 ottod'Ame featured ÂME Amateur Music Ensemble – an orchestra subordinated to the School of Music in Fiesole- that magnificently and passionately played the piece dedicated to the Colossus of Rodya together with the pianist Sonia Perini.
4. I FLY, SLOWLY, IN A FLASH SS2016 collection
Some collections smell more than others of freedom and smoothness, of infinite horizons where earth and heaven melt with little continuity. The ottod'Ame Spring Summer 2016 is suspended midway between dream and reality with the curiosity of a journey that takes to undiscovered destinations in a thrilling game amid mellow brushstrokes, graphic elements and ocean depths.
The ottod'Ame Spring Summer 2016 includes lightweight dresses to let you be caressed by the breeze and bon ton sleeveless pieces. Little colorful swimmers seem like dancing on the water surface in pink tones that smell of optimism. The blouse is close-fitting and shorts become more and more daring. High waist pants are back and show up together with the oversized and cropped ones. Geometric lines, fancy patterns and delicate embroideries are mixed together with tender little ghosts for a jump of the heart that is nothing but pure joy. Jackets rediscover the trapeze line and lightweight coats become flowing. Land and water with clouds and their promises running one after the other to lightly touch an ocean that is peacefully infested with calm and reassuring whales swimming amid muffled and cheering recalls. And the color. Vivid and pure: blue, red, yellow, green so near one to the other they can almost brushing by in small garlands that bring us back to the summer thoughtlessness and clinking glasses in the distance with open back dresses and ruffles to enrich the tops. A season to live with ottod'Ame and a smile on your face. Always.
The ottod'Ame Fall Winter 2016 talks about love in its many nuances. The story begins telling about love in the childhood. Love for the simple games, for the hands that draw shadow puppets on the walls and for the tales that bring you in enchanted worlds where odd mushrooms are abodes of magic creatures. But this love grows and leads every woman to nostalgically remember a grandfather’s coat or a mummy's sweater, so warm and wrapping. A sincere and spontaneous affection and expressed hopes entrusted to a dandelion clock or to flowers' petals. Fancy patterns go straightly beyond half-measures: for a romantic woman with iris flowers that turn into butterflies or a rock one with acrobats and circus' lions that never stop to amaze us. But the monkeys too. On branches full of leaves micro and macro ones. Wool is undisputed protagonist: woolen for coats, but tweed and herringbone, formal necks and big pockets too. The outfits go further: skirt and top or skirt and trousers combined with classic jackets, maybe with welded color details.
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6. HOME IS WHEREVER I'M WITH YOU La nuova casa Ottod'ame
2016 brings new goals, emotions and even a new house! Ottod'Ame moves its headquarters. It stays in Signa, a focal point for textiles and made in Italy top quality manufacture. It chooses to keep true to its origin, but growing and wearing a new dress. The space full reflects the brand style. Wide volumes to let your breath deeply for a welcoming and embracing setting where everyone can feel at home. A creativity headquarters designed by Silvia and Niccolò with the support of Sabrina and Alessandro of the architects firm b-arch, who are concept creators of the flagship store in Milan too. As a matter of fact, the connection is the unmistakable and recognized flavor of unique vintage pieces arranged in a contemporary house to celebrate ottod'Ame soul. The new house has been celebrated with an opening party where protagonists were those who day after day live and breathe ottod'Ame. Much more than a team: an extended family sharing a great passion that is worth keep on celebrating everyday in a beautiful place.
7. FLIGHTS OF VOICE AND CELLO Naomi Berrill for ottod'Ame
Naomi Berrill is a cellist and a kind spirit. She's delicate but strong, dreamy and gritty, serious and naive. Maybe this is due to her double soul: Irish of birth and Italian by choice. From Galway you can see the Aran islands and from here the gaze is free to investigate the endless horizon. And this may be a source of inspiration for her pieces, in which cello and voice create a dreamy, almost fairy atmosphere blending Irish folk music with jazz and author pop and recalling exclusive baroque sonorities. With ottod'Ame it was love at first sight and at first listening. So, we obviously thought of Naomi for the opening party in the evocative store in Milan. December 20, 2015, Christmas was coming and the shop in via Manzoni put on a suggestive dress made of notes and pieces that cheered employees of the fashion industry, but customers and -why not?- even the mildly curious in a journey to the center of the earth and Naomi's music. A special event that left a mark. Unforgettable. As those melodies that get in you head and warm the heart.
8. PIANO… FORTE! the mediaplan
After a successful 2015, 2016 opens with a wide range of new appointments. Ottod'Ame media planning is constantly evolving with new issues, events not to be missed and a significant budget. Special inserts on fashion are back. Don't miss it out if you want to know what, who, where and when. Print media still plays a major and essential role among daily, weekly and monthly magazines. And here, leafing through the pages, you can enjoy the shots of the Spring Summer 2016 campaign: it's hard to resist. And what about the digital world? It has not been left behind. Campaigns and operations on Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook. This is the place where engagement grows, relationships strengthen, likes and clicks on the online store – always updated to the latest products and news- significantly increase. Ottod'Ame rocks. Tweets, sharing, visualizations and listening confirm it. We like it!