# 11 June 2016
# 11 June 2016
There's great excitement, energy and enthusiasm. There's always something new at ottod'Ame. "We were saying?" it's not for us, as we love to look ahead, to set new goals, to stubbornly prepare new challenges with a smile, as always. The past is inspiring, the present motivating and the future so exciting! This is maybe the reason why we chose Rotterdam for the Fall Winter 2016: lines cutting the clear sky, bitterly cold and a journey that starts from remote places to bring you in a new dimension, where your mate is a monkey and black tulips grow in your heart. It is really true, ottod'Ame never stops and this time we got to the Far East to spread the Made in Italy to the beating heart of the Japanese fashion world: Ginza.
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Gli altri numeri
1. R'OTTODAME 26 black tulips for an artificial forest The smile of Monki-ga
She felt so insecure about that love. So fresh, so new. So unexpected. She was afraid of it and her legs were about to give in. In a flash the gray color leaked down and down to her feet. Completely bent over she tried to pick it up, but it slipped away, farther and farther, leaving a trail behind. It drew a shape. Her shape. She got to R'ottodame by sea. The journey by ship was very long from the Americas route. Once she reached the ground she looked around, astonished. From one side to the other, through the twilight seeped into the canal. She was looking for something. In her heart passion beat faster than her pulse, lighter than the wind wiping away every tear. A shy smile appeared on her face at the moment she touched the quay. She went on a cruise to leave the past behind. Aboard that ship, high as a 10 floor building, she lost herself, she mixed and hid and disappeared to finally found herself in anonymity. Like an infinite non defined number. She let hours, waves, glances and memories run free. Day by day she only let her eyes look forward. No room for illusions, dreams or rather desires. Hic et nunc. Here and now.
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R'OTTODAME 26 black tulips for an artificial forest
2. Fall Winter 2016 Welcome on wild flower
Fall Winter 2016
Lightweight and playful like a wild flower that suddenly appears to let you enjoy its genuine and colorful shapes bringing beauty without asking anything in return. The ottod'Ame Fall Winter 2016 collection narrates moments of everyday life. The carefree childhood, the passionate first love, the awareness and strength every woman has. It's not about nostalgia, but the curiosity to find out the next step of the journey. Fancy patterns become more and more sweet and ironic: flowers that become butterflies flying free in the sky, playful monkeys up in the branches, jugglers and trapeze artists in evolving figures. Suits find a new life with the matching skirts or trousers. Wool textiles become softer and softer and give in to welded color details. Selvedge is at the forefront to give the garment a peculiar touch. There are no grays for the knitwear: either close-fitting and seductive or oversized and wrap-around with cardicoat softly embracing your figure. The collection shines: lurex skirts and blouses, sequins, points of light.
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3. BRAND NEW In my shoes, with my bag
They are called accessories, but they are precious style details. Shoes and bags enhance your personality and complete every outfit to make it simply perfect. The ottod'Ame Fall Winter 2016 collection is full of accessories. Let's start from the feet! Print leather is the canvas for the collection's fancy patterns of the décolleté shoes and the ankle boots for an endless choice of matching combinations. High heels are the feather in the cap. Studded, two color, with small waves and a special attention to the ottod'Ame distinguishing mark: the comfy chunky heels to be feminine and strong at once. The super sexy over the knee boots, the boyfriend style lace up shoes, the loafers with the ottod'Ame "o" personalization, the lace Mary Jane shoes and the velvet sandals: ottod'Ame offers you the choice.
And what about bags? Objects of desire and guardians of every woman's wishes that warm autumn up and turn winter on. Solid color leather, tartan, print leather with trimming details and print inside lining. Double, adjustable handles to combine style and practicality. Tassels flutter at every step becoming stylish ironic details. Envelope bags or shopping tote: personalization to the nth power with the “o” of ottod'Ame on flaps, closures, buttons and zips. Haversacks steal the shoulder strap to guitar cases. You know, ottod'Ame rocks!
4. Spring Summer 2017 Blue Bloom
Spring Summer 2017
A new entry: the scarf. In different fancy patterns and sizes: the maxi -140x140 cm- the bandana -53x53- and the band to wear at wrist, waist or in the hair. Spring is coming full of promises. Summer is there, in the blink of an eye. With ottod'Ame.
It arrives like a light breeze, a small shiver and the desire to wrap yourself in a sweater. A soft light all around, the days are getting longer and it seems you have plenty of time to do everything you want. In a bang, like a wild flower blooming, as bold as brass in the bright colors that constellate the wheat fields. The ottod'Ame Spring Summer 2017 collection is a journey through happiness and sudden explosions of light. The jungle becomes even more mysterious in a burst of vivid colors: dark violet and green welcome childishly drawn animals in disorienting colors. Clouds with dots, palm trees appear like doodles, as if they were drawn when thinking about something that makes you unexpectedly smile. Flowers aren't missing: micro and macro flowers to dot hems bringing joy and light heartedness with an eye to style. Sequins are back -on denim too- but rhinestones as well, to light up your evenings and with a touch of glamour for your special evenings (or days). Sunburst pleats give a touch of character to the denim skirt and embellish the overlay lace: you can't go unnoticed. Indigo color in the most varied nuances, prints and embroideries give shape to cheetahs, so majestic, alert and curvaceous like every woman can be. Lines are flowing for the trench coats and suits that remind of the celebs' pajamas. Dresses are either romantic and long or straight and close-fitting with nipped waist. Trousers open to the workwear style with surprisingly new wearability and firm fabrics, while skirts' straps are knit up.
5. Far East speaks Italian OTTOD'AME <3 TOKYO
Far East speaks Italian
We already told you something about it in the last issue of Sal'otto, and the dream came true: ottod'Ame finally got to a new, wonderful and amazing place: Japan! Tokyo was the choice and Ginza -the beating heart and special point of reference of the glamorous world of fashion- the district where ottod'Ame found the place to be. The new creations by Silvia Mazzoli will be staged in the super new Tokyu Plaza Ginza. April brought great satisfaction for the brand ottod'Ame! Japan warmly welcomed the Spring Summer 2016 collection.
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MOMENTS in the eyes
Milan during the Salone del Mobile week. You can smell the haste, people moving around, looking for something. Ottod'Ame, against the tide, preserves its peculiar trait: creating a place to be, where you can enjoy the beauty and where it's always the right time for a pleasant smile. The flagship stores in Milan and Florence turned into an exhibition space to show MOMENTS, the photographic exhibit of art-house instant film by Manuele Geromini and Laura Villa Baroncelli. The shots are inextricably linked to the ottod'Ame Spring Summer 2016 collection as for the places, perfumes and lights. Captivating gazes on unique, special moments in a combination of fashion, photography and design. This event gave birth to an exceptional project: eight copies of the instant photos in the original size sheltered in a box to bring away and shield. Every snapshot tells a single story made of light that gives voice to a multifaceted tale to break up and put together again in an endless combination of new horizons. Emotions are crystal clear. From 12 to 24 April the two Italian ottod'Ame flagship stores exhibited the ottod'Ame inner soul filtered through the eyes of Laura and Manuele, two artists that collaborate -among others- with Le Monde, Interview, Vogue, Elle, D di Repubblica. A harmony of visions and feelings for a constantly evolving endless voyage.
7. STORE ONLINE Wonderful, Woman, WOW!
New style, new functions, new energy at ottodame.it: the ottod'Ame virtual house grows and reinvents itself. New pages to click and browse to find the ottod'Ame soul, the collection preview, but the personalities and the smiles of our personal shoppers in Florence and Milan in the backstage of the shoots too, and -why not?- to make shopping! The online store went even further to offer a perfect customer experience: every item is described and displayed in detail, both worn by models or in the still life version. You cannot miss our tips for the perfect outfit with ottod'Ame pieces of clothing and accessories. A project in synergy with FiloBlu and the almagreal artistic direction for an enchanting and captivating shopping performance. Shop at ottodame.it!
An entire year made of pages, double pages, formats and special issues. But of campaign on the social networks and online too: targeted, well planned and organized to build up presence and visibility. 2016 is an exceptional year, full of great satisfaction at ottod'Ame: the presence on the top fashion magazines for those who love or which are part of the magic world where the fashion business lives, and some new entries in newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines with a significant media pressure and communication. Social media have given a strong contribution bringing excellent results in terms of reputation and enhancing the engagement we built over the years. From the magazine covers to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest in a significant gain in click, post, like and share. We like it!