I won’t lose myself in the blue, but I let myself be rocked.

The infinite shades of the sea, the sky that seems to beg your touch but fades away, a stubborn fleur-de-lis constellating an emerald green meadow with bright blue color. Lapis lazuli hiding golden glares, micro flowers to smell, a toffee candy to melt in your mouth in a game of resistance: who will bite first? I am happy. Yes, I am.

Indigo Heart

  • Washed Blue Cotton Jacket

    USD $235.00

    USD $117.50

  • Viscose Georgette Blouse with Bow

    USD $245.00

    USD $122.50

  • Leather Biker Jacket

    USD $585.00

    USD $292.50

  • Blue Washed Chino Trousers

    USD $175.00

    USD $87.50

  • Floral Georgette Flounce Dress

    USD $300.00

    USD $150.00

  • Overlay Tulle and Viscose Dress

    USD $225.00

    USD $112.50

  • Floral Georgette Dress

    USD $265.00

    USD $132.50

  • Embroidered Nappa Flats

    USD $285.00

    USD $142.50

  • Print Canvas Sandals

    USD $250.00

    USD $125.00

  • Embroidered Nappa Sandals

    USD $285.00

    USD $142.50

  • Lightweight Coat in Cotton Gabardine

    USD $320.00

    USD $160.00

  • Indigo Fabric Overcoat with Belt

    USD $305.00

    USD $152.50